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Global Trans Group with it's head office in Medan - North Sumatera, Indonesia is one of the leading specialist in shipping and logistics providers, offering complete Contractor Logistic Support and trustworthy solutions to the broadest range of supply chain issues. The company offers a total logistics solution with services including shipping, logistics, heavy equipment rental and specialist distribution through our own nationwide network of warehouses.

Services range from simple transport solutions through to complex movement, include heavy equipment support. No matter how big or small your company is, we will give your business the personal attention it requires together with the efficiencies, breadth of service and back-up only a company our size can. Superior service and ultimate reliability is the result.

We dedicate our team as professional group to provide the most optional logistic solutions. We ensure our future by filling up your needs and satisfying customers. Also we have grown rapidly in reputation, network and net worth in shipping & logistics services. This however does not represent the apex of our dreams but rather the foundation with which we hope to realize our ambitions. Our long term objective is to be a forefront player in the shipping services industry in terms of efficiency, quality service and acceptability.

why us

  • Certified of Indonesia Oil & Gas Certification
  • Certified of Indonesia Renewable Energy & Energy Conservation
  • Experience in shipping & logistics services
  • Operate own Heavy Equipments & Material support
  • Operate own fleet Container & NVOCC Shipping Agencies
  • Expertise in clearance documents for import & export procedures
  • Projects Cargo Handling for Oilfield Material & Palm Oil Machinery
  • Transhipment Cargos & Temporary Import Declaration
  • Delivery of Chemicals and other mining supplies
  • Experience in shipping agency services & OPA
  • Expediting International & Domestic Shipments
  • Competitive pricing & quality service

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide logistical solutions to companies in a diverse range of industries that value personalized service, consistent delivery, and meticulous attention to detail.

Our company also provides a growing range of outsourcing services. These include global crew & marine spares logistics , port agency management , commercial representation & sophisticated. In an ever-changing economic climate, it is imperative to operate with precision and dexterity.

Our teams of professionals offer extensive expertise in global logistics and an unparalleled commitment to providing excellent service tailored to your requirements. With our in-house professional talent, globaltrans can solve any logistical challenge, no matter how complex.

our group companies

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