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rig moving service

GlobalTrans offer safe, fast, and reliable rig moving , oilfield transportation and coordinate every aspect of a rig move, from securing all licenses and permits, to the take down, transportation & chartering barges or vessel and rigging up. Specific rig moves require the following services in correct sequence: Load Planning & Management, Load Restraint Surveys, Road and Route Survey, Crane Lifting Services, Site Supervision, Risk Assessment and OHSE.

Rig Moving Service is specialized and is far excellent in oil and gas logistics, begins with Safety, Planning and Performance around the key equipment for a customized logistics solutions. Our 24/7 personal commitment to Oil and Gas logistics service needs to include not only transport services but include Drilling Rig Move, Work Over, Casing, Heavy Haulage. Our teams knowledge and expertise of Oil & Gas domain equipment and supplies, rigs, bulk or packaged goods, and heavy lift transports are delivered where and when you need them. Our team is constantly committed to adhering the industry highest safety standards, as well as our own high standard of delivering quality, timely results.